Austin Highsmith Garces Inspires Sick Children April 4, 2019

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Austin Highsmith Garces Inspires Sick Children  

April 4, 2019

Los Angeles, CA (April 4, 2019):  April welcomes actress and children’s advocate, Austin Highsmith Garces’ latest project, The Miracle Tree – a children’s book written about her personal battle against a rare childhood illness.

Based on the true story of Austin Highsmith Garces’ experience as a 2-year old little girl, The Miracle Tree traces the author’s sudden thrust into the scary realm of hospitals and surgery. Diagnosed with a rare condition, post-orbital cellulitis, Austin was given only a 50-50 chance of survival. Highlighted in the story is a promise made by her father to return to the hospital’s Christmas Tree each year to thank God for the miracle of saving little Austin’s life.

“I decided to write The Miracle Tree to give kids in the hospital visibility, and to hopefully inspire them by sharing the story of my own time in the hospital,” Highsmith Garces states.

Austin Highsmith Garces’ first children’s book, The Miracle Tree, anticipates sales catapulting with the announcement this month pending release on April 21, 2019 in hardbound, paperback and eBook editions. Illustrated by Ms. Highsmith Garces, the story touches the hearts of parents and children everywhere. The author continues to seek ways to support sick kids by generously donating a portion of the proceeds to “The Miracle Tree Foundation” for children.

“We anticipate an exciting year ahead as Austin Highsmith Garces continues to rally behind support for kids dealing with childhood illnesses. The Miracle Tree exemplifies the generosity and compassion that went behind Austin’s story,” Marti Melville, CEO of Doce Blant Publishing announced.     

Austin Highsmith Garces is available for interviews.

Contact information:  Shelby Snyder-Kirby +1 (704) 231-8543‬

The Miracle Tree Book Cover The Miracle Tree
Austin Highsmith Garces
April 21, 2019
Hardbound, Paperback, ePub

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