My Spooky – Ghosts and Spirits in My Life

Ghosts are part of Doce Blant Publishing author, P. J. Roscoe life experiences

by P. J. Roscoe
Well here it is, my spooky but I hope an interesting blog. I’ll explain how this came about. I have always been interested in ghosts – I think I have every ghost book available that doesn’t replicate information. I have never been frightened, only fascinated as aged five or so I used to play with a poltergeist! We named him (it) George and we’d laugh as the beds rattled – I thought it was like being on a rodeo horse! We’d clap when the doors banged shut and play hide and seek with the objects that went missing. “George has hidden them again – lets go and look etc”

I ‘knew’ when ghosts were around and I was always sensitive to places and people and as I grew older I’d be asked to visit places to try and talk to the spirits and find out what the problem was. If there was one, I’d help them find a solution that helped them move on. If they were happy to stay, I didn’t interfere, I respect them and they appreciate that.

I met some odd characters along the way and many with a sad story to tell, but some made me laugh. I’m smiling as I write this as a young man called ‘Derek’ springs to mind. He stole some oranges and ended up in a prison which he found hilarious! Not the prison bit, but being caught and tried for stealing fruit! He would laugh and say he should have lived in my time as he’d be a lot luckier.

And so, as you can see in this very brief outline of my life, ghosts and spirits have played a major role in my life and continue to do so. Our home is visited every day and orbs are seen in every photograph taken.

I want to look at various supernatural phenomena. I know there are countless articles and websites and blogs committed to this, however I thought I’d put my own two penny worth in and see where it leads. So come with me on my journey and I hope you find something that will interest you, make you think, spark up a discussion or just make you smile ♥

P. J. Roscoe writes paranormal romance and is published through Doce Blant PublishingP. J. Roscoe is an award-winning author, who has written several books in various anthologies. She is married and lives with her daughter, dog, and three cats. Daily walks among nature in magnificent North Wales connects P. J. Roscoe to mother Earth. P. J. Roscoe continues to live in the U.K. where she is working on her next novel.


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