5 Stages Of Grieving Creative Loss

This article was written by psychotherapist and Hollywood producer, actor, and writer, David Silverman. The article was written for screenwriters, however applies to all writers and authors equally. (Article used by permission)


denal x


When one of your screenplays gets rejected it’s only natural that you’ll go through a kind of mourning process. You’ve invested so much psychic energy over months and even years, coming up with an idea, outlining it, breaking it down into scenes, fleshing out character arcs and writing draft after draft – and it all comes down to –what?

“ Sorry, it’s not for us.”


Every day you’ve been getting up at five in the morning to write before you go to work. You’ve been guzzling coffee and eating off the two dollar menu at McDonalds. You haven’t really spent any time with your wife or your kids for —what?


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