An Author’s Plans for 2017

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Want to know what an author thinks about when new year’s resolutions pop up again? 2017 is only weeks away. Read what historical-fiction author, David K. Bryant has to say about his plans for the new year ahead.


By David K. Bryant

In one way, 2017 is going to be a great year in my life as an author. My book, Beyond the Last Hill, will hit the bookstores. It’s a mystery novel set in England in 1968. The protagonists fight against political machinations that get in the way of dealing with the biggest-ever threat to mankind. I’ve tried to recapture the atmosphere of that iconic decade, the 1960s, and make it one of the leading characters.

The great thing about this, my second book, is that it’s being published by a professional and mainstream publisher, Doce Blant Publishing. The book will be on the shelves in the bookstores instead of available only through Amazon or WordPress. For me, that makes me a real author. Even so, I take pride in my first book, Tread Carefully on the Sea, which has 79 percent 5-star reviews on Amazon, despite being only available for sale online.

So, 2017. Hello New Year. What else am I going to do with you?

Well, once Beyond the Last Hill is out, and Doce Blant and I have done everything we can to promote it, my next priority is to finish a story I’ve started and is waiting on my computer for renewed attention.

It’s a sequel to Tread Carefully on the Sea, and it presents me with a problem I’ve not encountered before – I have written the beginning and the end, but I don’t have the middle.

In my previous experience of writing books, I’ve told myself the story as I’ve gone along. I’ve chosen a catalyst, thrown a set of characters into that situation, asked myself how people like them would react, and let the characters take the story from there. I’ve only found out how the drama ends when I’ve got there. I’ve found that an extremely satisfying way of writing.

But this time, I started with an idea and thought “oh yes” it could lead to that conclusion. The bit I don’t have is how it leads to that conclusion.

I’ll get there, but it’s a classic case of writer’s block.

In the meantime, I have two other works completed and waiting for their opportunity to go into print.

So, 2017, you have to help me find the missing middle. Please don’t wait as long as the middle of the year!


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