An Author’s Sweetest Day

Bob Kelly book of Kellyisms

The sweetest day for any author is the day she (or he) holds her book in hand for the first time.  That day comes for many — but for others, the opportunity to see their hard work published into a book is not always possible.

Granted, with the advent of self-publishing on the rise, more and more writers are able to pay for their projects to be printed and even sold online through Amazon, etc.  This is a good thing, we believe.  But for those who want a broader audience or cannot afford the self-publishing method, traditional small house publishers might be the best option.

The challenge is to find a publishing house that will accept the submitted work —  difficult for many writers and the type of experience that can push a frustrated author into a costly decision to self-publish.


Marti Melville signing booksThere is no easy answer, except to be steadfast in the determination to find the right publisher.  That is the key — the right publisher.  Not every publishing company will provide exactly what is needed or anticipated by writers.  But there is a publishing company out there who will and time is the ally to help the motivated writer find the best fit.

Beaufort Book Signing3

Doce Blant Publishing would like to congratulate all writers on their success with writing a completed ms.  That is no easy feat and we believe your time, energy, and creativity should be honored.  We are here to help the new author and are always looking for our “correct fit” as well.  Submissions are accepted for most genres.  Please, take a look at our small house press and consider Doce Blant Publishing for your publishing needs.

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