BBQ Ribs and a Good Book

Summertime is the best time to pick up a great book, so says Doce Blant PublishingTemps are in the triple digits across the US. People are doing everything possible to beat the heat. Mostly, that involves a body of water somewhere, or perhaps popsicles. Either way, the idea is to cool off from the outside or in. Often times, it’s just too hot to cook, so the grill comes out, the ribs go in the smoker, a cold beverage is in hand, and it’s time to just “chill” (pun intended).

The lazy days of summer are ripe for relaxing — with good food, good friends, and a good book. I remember days under a big tree, eating just-picked cherries, and reading. Those were some of my favorite times and when the weather gets unbearably hot, I find myself asking, “What’s a good book to read?”

Authors have the same drive to settle into a great story. Mostly, their time is spent creating the story, but reading is one of the vital tools of a great author’s repertoire. Stephen King has said, essentially, that great authors are never without a book to read — it’s part of the skill of writing.

Stephen King says that the best writers read a lot and Doce Blant Publishing agrees.


We agree. The best authors that have come to Doce Blant are readers themselves. It shows in the manuscript submissions.

Sadly, there are those who approach writing without the benefit of having read books — a lot of them and from a wide variety of authors.

It shows.


Writers seeking publication would do well to study the techniques of a good query letter (mostly for the skill of crafting it), the prowess that comes with practiced writing, and the creativity that flows in lots of good books. We see it in the numerous submissions and can pick out those who read for entertainment and those who don’t.

Summer is here — find a great book, barbecue some ribs, grab a “cold one,” and settle into that next novel. Do it for yourself…for fun. Then send us a letter. YOU are the writer we want to hear from!


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