Books Top the Industry for Content Used in Films – Who Writes These Books?


News that books are the foundation for most screenplay adaptations these days isn’t news.  But the increase in films “based on the novel written by …” should snag the attention of every serious writer.


The Revenant book to film Doce BlantBecause filmmakers are looking for great content for their next project.  Take a look at the movies that won Oscar nominations in 2015.  At least, nine were adaptations from books!  And in 2016, the number increased, to include the Best Picture:  The Revenant.


Great books make great movies per Doce Blant Publishing and Marti Melville

What a great opportunity this is for authors!  An open door to creating the story that might possibly catch the attention of an iconic producer awaits!  The only limitation is imagination and quality of the story content.

That in itself propels a new interest for authors to consider the time and effort devoted to writing. With the ease of publication for many, the quality has dropped.  As expensive as it might be to invest in a professional cover artist and experienced content editor, doing so sets apart a well-written manuscript.  The publication process is not simple, although quick do-it-yourself publishing companies would suggest otherwise.



Here are some examples of steps to take before the editor (per Writer’s Digest):

  • Put the ms aside (at least six weeks) after the first draft.  Then go back to revisit and revise.
  • Get a strong Beta-reader to review your ms.  This isn’t a best friend or relative.  A good Beta-reader is tough, honest, and willing to tell the author about the ms that might hurt a little.
  • Read other books in your genre.  This gets the author out of his own head and strengthens his writing skills.
  • Re-read your ms again — especially the beginning chapter and ending chapter.  Are they hooks?


Additional suggestions for cover creation (per IBPA’s Jeniffer Thompson):

  • Create a cover that speaks to your target audience — connect with your audience.  Research the latest trends and demographics for genre.
  • Remember that people really do judge a book by its cover. We consider the cover the most important “hook” of your book (the second most important is the back cover “blurb”).
  • Test the market by asking a sample of readers one very important question, “Would you buy this book?”  If not, find out why.
  • Talk to marketing experts to find the current trends and follow their advice.

Research shows great book covers are the HOOK to sell books and Doce Blant Publishing has those types of books available

When it’s all said and done, use the expertise of those whose profession it is to create a product that meets your goals.  That’s why they’re called “experts.”

Filmmakers are on the prowl for great books to turn into movies.  If this is something an author aspires to achieve with the future his book, it’s worth the investment to use professionals.  Copy those who’ve succeeded and do what they’ve done.  It isn’t necessary to reinvent the wheel — someone else already did that for you!

Doce Blant Publishing wants to support authors to acheive their goals.  While we cannot promise a film deal based on a book, we can promise to provide the very best “experts” and professionals available through DBP.  Let us help you succeed with your writing projects.


Books to Film with Doce Blant Publishing

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