Kids Don’t Like To Read — Harry Potter Fans Would Disagree

Reading magic childAn interesting article came out giving statistics for children whose disinterest in reading “for fun” has declined over the years.  The idea that this is true makes me sad.  While I don’t refute the stats, I wonder whether the same numbers would have existed a decade ago when Harry Potter hit bookstores.

Fortunately, the article goes on to say that kids’ response to books varied with age (decreasing as they got older) and with content.  In other words, kids said they liked to read when the story “made them laugh” or the characters were people they wanted to be like.  Younger children enjoyed reading “for fun” — a good habit that could be developed for later years, one would hope.

When asked what kind of books they would like to read, 65% of boys and 61% of girls said they want books that make them laugh. Also popular are books that let them use their imaginations (chosen by 40% of boys and 53% of girls) and books that have characters the reader wishes they could be like (38% of boys and 44% of girls).

With the subject matter as a solid factor into their decision to read or not, it makes me wonder if a push to support their interests might change the view kids have about books.  Think again of the Harry Potter series.  Every kid in America fell in love with reading, thanks to J. K. Rowling’s imagination.  Why can’t we do that again for young readers (not to say that brilliance such as Rowling’s happens easily — she’s an icon to writers everywhere).  

Doce Blant Publishing would like to encourage authors to take the time to create quality content for kids.  Let’s strive to bring the love of books back into a child’s life.  Together we can make that happen! 

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