Do What You Love and Ted Talks Tells You Why

Passion and writing publishing with Doce Blant PublishingWhenever we talk with authors about how they got their start, it seems that the story begins with some other career outside of writing.  Interestingly, the choice to pursue a job outside of that which holds each individual’s passion is more common than not.

For many who have made the decision to alter course and take a different path, their journeys have taken them to where they can write a book.  Creative writing was the “fire in the gut” that brought fulfilment to life — career-wise.

As Gary Vaynerchuk says in his Ted Talks seminar:

to be truly successful, you have to love what you’re doing. You have to be in an industry that you truly care about and do the type of work you actually enjoy. Otherwise, you’ll never be satisfied.

He’s right!  Finding the path that each writer is destined to journey is not always and easy task.  But it is doable — whether it be writing a memoir, fiction, history, poetry, or whatever your heart dictates — the passion must be there.

Doce Blant Publishing would like to help you get your passion into print.  Please contact us with your ideas and share that story that burns within.  We want to walk along the path you’ve chosen to join with our authors and support them doing the thing they love most.  Give us a call and let us help you publish your book.

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