How to Write With Excellence and Why It’s Important

Excellence writing skills includes editing and proofreading, which takes time. Good authors know the value of this and are frequently accepted by publishers because of it. Doce Blant Publishing wants to support excellence in writing.

Next door to the Doce Blant Publishing office, a freelance writer who specializes in educational research does her best work.  She is an extremely intelligent woman who has spent a dedicated portion of her life in researching and creating accurate documents for publication at a university.  Her focus and drive are to write with excellence.

It is always impressive when someone (like her) is willing to take the extra time to write something that is flawless.  The effort involved is not minimal and as she said, “I’m expensive” but she’s worth every penny paid to have her skills as a writer involved in a project.  She knows it too and is not willing to drop her standards, even if it means a lull in her workload — but there never is.  She is always busy and has more on her docket than most will ever see.  Why is that?  Because she devotes the extra time to excellence, and it shows — people want it, authors seek her out, universities keep her on their staff, and publishers line up to take her next book.

Many times, we’ve read submitted manuscripts that are well-written but not excellent. Often, the response to the author is to re-write and submit again with the added comment, “We’d rather have the acquisitions editor tell me ‘you have to take this’ than explain why I want it.”

It boils down to editing … and time.  Taking the time to write a manuscript without error then sending it to a qualified editor prior to submission is one of the best ways to ensure the publisher will seriously consider your work.  To skip these two vital steps is like walking a tight-rope — you might make the cut, but you have an equal (or greater) likelihood of falling off.

As Tom Allen, President and CEO of The Association of American Publishers says:

Authors and editors may share the spotlight, but publishing relies on teamwork.

Doce Blant Publishing agrees with this and works closely with a team of experienced writers, editors, artists, and support personnel to ensure our authors are given the foundation needed for a quality published book.  Please take the time to create your work with excellence — then contact us.  We want to hear from you!

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