From Frustration to Kellyism and the Playbook was Right Again!


Frustration and success The Book of Kellyisms with coach Robert M Kelly explains how to turn a bad day into a good one.Dramatic … I know, but today was one of those days!  Over and over again, someone kept hitting that bright red Frustration button that sits somewhere in the background and surfaces once in a while.  Why it chose Friday to jump out at everyone, we’ll never know … usually it’s on a Monday that we see it, threatening to wreak havoc on an otherwise pleasant day at the office.  But, the damn thing decided to visit on a Friday — the last day of what would have been a glorious week.


Life is a game Kellyisms The Book of Kellyisms Coach Robert M Kelly Jr and Doce Blant Publishing quotes for success

As fate would have it, Coach Bob Kelly called with a question.  Nerves were on edge already and some of us were worried about how the general tone over the phone might sound.  I picked the short stick and swallowed my tension, pulled out my best “professional” voice, and prepared to unintentionally offend one of our best authors.

Didn’t happen!

“Hey, this is Bob,” he said in his usual energetic voice.  “I just have a question for you, coach” (Bob calls everyone else ‘coach’ although we all know who the real coach is). From there, the conversation went from PLEASANT to ENJOYABLE then jumped a few levels and landed up on top of FUN.  I don’t know how Coach Kelly did it, but he always does.  His “let’s do this right” attitude, followed by “you got this” always leaves the office feeling as if everyone in here can take on the world.  Success is definitely ours after a call from the Coach.


Luckily for me, he left me with one of his famous Kellyisms:

  1. We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life when all we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about.

Actually, Albert Einstein said that but it took Coach Kelly to remind me of those very wise words.  We’ve decided to post a Kellyism in the office every week to help us stay positive and doing exactly what the Coach has for us in his playbook — to live a happy, successful life.

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