Have All of the Stories Been Told? An Author’s Chance to be Published Awaits.

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With the increase in published authors these days (thanks to the self-publishing and eBook venues), it seems the market is saturated with stories that have been told, retold, and retold again.  This phenomenon sometimes makes it seem impossible for a new writer to come up with a great new story — even when the compelling desire to write festers from his soul.


Indeed, it’s a daunting industry and while it appears that competition is maniacal in amplitude, the desire for a great story doesn’t pale with the increase in books being published.  That’s like saying a parent can only love each of her three children 33% of her total capacity as a mother.  Not true — ask any mom and she’ll tell you she loves each of her children 100% with room for more lovin’ on the grandkids.

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Stories don’t stop just because it feels as if they’ve all been told.  There are so many more waiting to surface — they just need to be discovered.


There’s a way to do it, according to Donald Maass, bestselling author of Writing the Breakout Novel and The Fire in Fiction.   


Get out of the past. Get over trends. To write high-impact 21st century fiction, you must start by becoming highly personal. Find your voice, yes, but more than that, challenge yourself to be unafraid, independent, open, aware, and true to your own heart. You must become your most authentic self.


The answer is to simply WRITE.  Get that idea on paper (or into your laptop).  Refine it, edit it, then send it to a reputable agent or publisher.  We’re dying to read your story — to see it in print and witness you, the author, realize your dream of publishing your story.

Doce Blant Publishing is open to submissions.  We want to hear from you.  Contact us and let us know what your story is. Together, we can make your dream a reality.




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