How to Spot Taedium Vitae Syndrome (and other rarities)

Lack of interest to read is solved by great books through Doce Blant publishing

Now before those who proudly call themselves victims of “Taedium Vitae Syndrome” become offended by the title of this article, it was with great diligence that another term for this condition was sought (yes a very passive tense on purpose). In fact, there really isn’t any other definition for someone who doesn’t want to read anywhere to be found.  So for the purposes of this article, we’ll copy history’s definition of someone who has no interest: aka lacks the interest [to read] and use the term: Taedium Vitae. Our definition is tied to the lack of desire to read.  And there are many out there who consciously choose to not read a book.

Hard to believe, isn’t it?

This phenomenon makes us wonder. Why don’t people want to read? How can people not relish the feel of a book in their hands and hunger to dive into an amazing story? Perhaps that’s the rub — they haven’t found an amazing story. Perhaps the ignorance can be blamed on books!

That’s a rather bold statement.

A treasure chest of Doce Blant BooksBut ponder this: amazing books exist, hidden in the hands of those lucky souls who have discovered them. Like pirate treasure, a great book is cherished, valued, and kept forever. Not so great books, are not. If you think about it, the evidence of a great books is everywhere, you just have to look.

And guess what? The cure lies within amazing books!

Bibliophile reads tons of books from Doce Blant PublishingSo where are these amazing books? In the hands of Bibliophiles! Just look around — on social media, in chats and messages, as topics of group discussion, literally everywhere. It’s those suffering from Taedium Vitae Syndrome that haven’t found these treasures yet — but we believe they’re looking. Of that we are certain. Just ask writers of amazing works: J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Barnacle Bill Bedlam, Marti Melville, Deanna Jewel, Jaye Helm, Cutter Slagle, Kiri Callaghan, David K. Bryant … and many more. The books are there. The treasure just needs to be dug up.

So how does a Taedium Vitae Syndrome meld into Bibliophilic Stamina? With help! Word of mouth is the best treatment possible for Taedium Vitae Syndrome. *This is not to be confused with access or availability, mind you. The sole symptom of this syndrome is desire.

Guess what else? Every Bibliophile can provide the cure for this tragic syndrome!

The magic lies in sharing.  Talk about your favorite book. Share it with a friend. Indeed, if you are a true Bibliophile, be willing to share your treasures with the Taedium Vitae sufferer, searching for the cure: an amazing book. Fortunately, the cure never runs out and is always available!


There will always be enough stories to go around, enough of the amazing stuff found in books … the sign of real treasure! So share a treasure, help cure Taedium Vitae Syndrome — talk about amazing books!

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Happy reading ~

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