Imagination Begins the Moment You Abandon Inhibition

“Imagination begins the moment you abandon inhibition.”  ~ Marti Melville

Famous Quotes from author Marti Melville about imagination and creativity


Children are the best teachers — at least when it comes to creativity and “Let’s Pretend.” It only takes a few moments of watching a child at play to see the magic that suddenly materializes when his or her imagination kicks in. How fabulous is a day at the beach with nothing but water, sand, and sea shells? I am amazed as I watch my grandchildren craft t sand castles made from hard, wet sand and sticks, complete with moats and floating shells. Throw in a sand crab or two, and you have a virtual fortress of imaginary potential. It’s the exact same made-up scene that I crafted as a little girl.

And these pretend creations aren’t limited to just sandy beaches — mud pies are legendary!

So what’s happened to “Let’s Pretend?”  Do our children still spend hours playing with nature’s toys or is it really true that kids’ playtime is filled with electronic gadgets and virtual games. Have we lost the magic of pretending sticks lined in perfect rows are soldiers going to battle?  Or leaves and grass woven with flowers in just the right patterns become a princess’ crown?

My belief is that books open the doors to “pretend” and imaginary play that can shape a child’s potential for future success. Where would we be if Einstein or Edison had lost the gift of imagination? Most likely in the dark (pun intended).
Grandma BallyHuHu and the Mystical Coin by Marti Melville

Please help children re-discover the joy of stories, reading, and pretending.  Grandma BallyHuHu was written just for that. In each book, she takes one of her grandchildren on a magnificent adventure…but is it real or just pretend? “Use your imagination,” as Grandma BallyHuHu would say, and see where it takes you.



Let’s PRETEND and use our IMAGINARY genius to craft a strong generation of creative minds.

— Article by Marti Melville, author of The Deja vu Chronicles and the BallyHuHu children’s books series (5 August 2016).


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