National Pet Day and Siblings Day — What a Great Tribute to Those We Love Most!

National Pet Day and greyhound adoptions supported by Doce Blant PublishingCaius decided to eat cat kaa-kaa this afternoon.  I suppose it’s because he craves more protein (which was not offered to him as our family devoured pork roast leftovers for lunch).  Perhaps it’s because he was celebrating one of his many special days this year:  National Pet Day.

I decided to be a more understanding “parent” and offered him a treat … Beaker too.

It makes me smile every time a new National “something” day comes along because it seems there is no end to an excuse to celebrate.  I like that!  Caius and Beaker really like it today.  One of the greatest opportunities we have as humans is to share our lives with animals.  Caius was chosen from the Greyhound Adoption Center in San Diego.  Beaker was chosen from the litter.  Both enrich everyone’s lives that come into contact with these lovable dogs.

Beagles are a favorite pet during National Pet Day  supported by Doce Blant PublishingFortunately, there are experts available to help those of us who L-O-V-E dogs a little more than most.  These experts provide tips and training methods designed to help build a loving, trusting relationship between owner and dog.  So often, as I walk my own dogs, I see pet owners completely out of control (while the dog maintains complete control of the situation).  Their pet jumps and barks and snaps as if it wants to take a hunk out of my already too bony ankle.  The excuse I always hear for this kind of behavior:  “He’s really friendly.  I think he just wants to talk or play.”

Ankle-biters are no fun, but even these dogs can be trained to be well-behaved with tips from author Joel Silverman and his book, More What Color is Your Dog? published by Doce Blant Publishing.

Yeah right!  I know an ankle-biter when I see one.


Joel Silverman has a book that I love:  More What Color is Your Dog.  It’s filled with pictures of Joel’s hybrid training method with easy to understand direction for training a dog.  Joel’s many decades of experience working with animals makes him the perfect expert to trust — and his hybrid training method is unique (and makes sense).

More What Color is Your Dog by Joel Silverman uses a hybrid training method developed by Joel Silverman and easily followed by pet owners everywhere.  Published by Doce Blant Publishing.Copies are available in Barnes & Noble, soon to be in PetCo, online stores, and through Joel’s website.

This is the book to have on hand when celebrating National Pet Day.  Maybe I’ll pass a copy on to that ankle-biter’s owner the next time I pass by.


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