Raising the Bar for Publishing — Good Publishers are Still Out There



With publishing taking on a new face in the industry, ranging from self-service options for self-published authors to full-service publishing with traditional platforms, it’s sometimes difficult to know what to do as an author.  Using a “rubber-stamp” method for pumping out books has caught up with some of the publishing venues that look for the dollar and market to its authors (instead of potential readers looking to buy a book).  Sadly, that approach has given publishing a tarnish that is not easily rubbed off.


But the bar has been raised and a brilliant article written in the Harvard Buisness Review gives a preview of the new standard for publishing companies.  One recent approach by publishing companies has been the re-release of classics.  As Dorie Clark puts it:

Publishers are relying on successful retreads like Harper Lee and Dr. Seuss, whose names alone will sell books, and authors who come to them with a pre-existing “platform,” i.e., a built-in audience. What they’re often missing these days is a partnership withless prominent authors they cultivate over the long term, enabling them to be far more successful than they could on their own.

However, the trend can only last so long because as any author will tell you, it boils down to service and promotion and royalties.  Cutting corners on a personal working relationship with the author does not foster productivity or a sense of trust, and it certainly doesn’t increase sales.  While goals are different for every publishing company (just as they are for every author), the standard seems to be the same — work well with the author in partnership to promote him or her as the brand and book sales will follow.  Of course, there is no promise that the book will make the New York Times Best Seller list but it might make Amazon’s.

While it’s still risky for publishers to take on unknown authors, they still do.  Clark discusses this in detail and it’s worth the read.  Read article here.

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