Publishing in this Era — A Leap of Faith

IMG_36266902623450With so many options available to authors, these days, choosing the type of publication process to use can be overwhelming.  Self-publishing is on the rise, as are traditional house rejection letters.  Indie publishing, joint venture publishing, POD, epub, and more flash as neon signs to the new author, who still navigates the waters of the publishing industry — and all of that without a life vest most call “the agent.”

So why publish with a small house press publishing company?  That’s a great question and the answer can only be found in the author’s goals.  What do you want to accomplish with the publication of your book?  For many, that answer is “Sales!” but for others, the answer isn’t so clear.

To draw off of another author’s experience is always the best move. Researching the industry for trends in book sales is smart.  A very successful author, Harry Bingham, speaks about this very dilemma in his blog article, Why Author’s Walk Away From Good, Big 5 Publishers.  Finding a happy “fit” as an author within the publishing venue is ever changing.  Bingham describes the author’s situation this way:

As you can imagine, I was pretty pleased. An author’s turbulent life looked, for once, to be pretty calm. With hindsight, I was like the pretty teenager in the weird, creaky house who decided, “Nope, there’s nothing to worry about here.” The quiet bit before the horror starts.

Another author, Claire Cook has this to say about the publishing process:

I think they tried hard with the first book, but the things that used to work for traditional publishers trying to break out a book weren’t working so well anymore.

So, you ask yourself, why publish with Doce Blant Publishing™?  The answer is simple and yet very personal — because Doce Blant Publishing™ gives a damn.  We want to see the new author succeed in the very tumultuous waters of publishing.  As the champion of the new author, Doce Blant Publishing™ works hard to help its authors reach a successful outcome — something that doesn’t happen often in the publishing business, as you can see.

But traditional publishing isn’t for everyone.  Again, it ties in with the author’s goals and the vision each sees for his or her work.  We are here to answer any questions you may have about our publishing process.  Please contact us and let us help you navigate the road to publication successfully.

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