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Eggs in the City, Salt Lake City, Utah Marti Melville Karen Zabriskie 3 Squares fight hunger in Utah The Deja vu ChroniclesLast week, I ate breakfast at my favorite place in Salt Lake City, Utah — Eggs in The City never disappoints!  Add to the “earthy” ambiance and their amazing crepes my dear friend and marketing “mentor” Karen and you have a perfect morning.

Karen has been with me through thick and thin (mostly thin) and remains loyal to this day.  I’m still not sure why from a business standpoint but from the instant soul-sister standpoint that happened the moment we met,  I get why we still get together for breakfast whenever I’m in her city.

One of the side “perks” to Karen’s friendship is her willingness to openly share her expertise in marketing.  She has managed to raise funds for a non-profit project created to beat hunger in Utah.  3 Squares is less than a year old and already being awarded by Utah’s governor.  Her years in television have earned her an Emmy for a project featuring Lance Armstrong.  In addition, Karen also managed a multi-million dollar budget and all aspects of Sales and Field Communications and publications, including Editorial and Graphics Departments, photography, layout, design and print processes as Director of Sales Communications in Newark, Ohio.   This is only a partial list of her accomplishments, so needless-to-say when Karen speaks — I listen!

For years … YEARS … Karen has told me to get onto the media train and move my focus to social media to sell books, screenplays, whatever.  She said it again last week.  Interestingly, I ran across an article published by the Association of American Publishers (AAP) of which Doce Blant Publishing is a member.  The crux of it focussed on social media as the heavy-duty means for publishers to get their books “out there.”  Karen was right again!

Below is an excerpt from the article published today:

There have been two enduring realities about the marketing publishers have always done for their books.

Marketing copy, starting with the descriptions of books publishers created for all purposes, was done by somebody with real knowledge of what was inside the book. The conviction has always been that intimate knowledge of what is in a book is the most important knowledge required to know how to sell it.

And marketing efforts, starting with the copy, were preponderantly B2B—business to business. Publishers primarily wrote copy to persuade intermediaries—typically booksellers and reviewers—to invest money or time in the book. Only the smallest part of a publisher’s marketing budget and effort, and none at all formost of the books any publisher issued—was dedicated to appealing to the ultimate reader or purchaser.

Both of those ideas are now anachronisms, artifacts of a time when the primary ways a consumer would find out about a book were by seeing it in a bookstore or reading or hearing about it from relatively few review media. Now that half or more of the books, including ebooks, are not bought in stores, and even the most important review media reach people by links emailed to them by their friends or posted on Facebook, the old ways make no sense.

The new reality is that marketing copy needs to be created by somebody who has done research into the book’s perceived audiences.

And all copy, even if its original intent was for use in a publisher’s catalog, can end up being used on a retailer’s website or be returned in a search. Everything written or said must work for consumers …”    (read more)

It has always been this publisher’s opinion that these experts are right — they know the plays to the game of social media, marketing, and selling.  It’s my hope that the information provided here will benefit others in the quest to sell books.

If nothing else, grab breakfast at a really great restaurant as you donate to a worthy cause (each based on food … a favorite of mine) — both located in the Rocky Mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah.

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