The Fickle Face of Expectation

Faces change just as creative ideas shift to bring new stories with each year and Doce Blant Publishing is here to bring you those stories

Every new year begins with the anticipation that “I’m going to do better…” (aka: change things up). It’s a great aspiration and something that nearly everyone embraces at new beginnings. Unfortunately, that new beginning has a face too — at least one in every mind’s eye attached to an expected outcome — that sometimes we don’t recognize. 

But what happens if the face in your head doesn’t match the one that shows up?

That’s happened already in 2017.  We anticipated the start of a smooth transition into the year: sleek, savvy, and smiling. Instead we were met with a confused look and the potential for new plans. That face was nothing like the one we had in mind for 2017.

So what do you do when expectations suddenly take on a different look?  

Usually, most of us panic. But once the initial upset has passed, it’s time to take a deep breath and really check out what’s landed at our feet. What does the face of this opportunity really look like? Much of the time, it’s not so bad. In fact, most of the time it’s way better than anything our expectations could have imagined.  

A gift from the Universe?

Adjust for 2017 and sail with Doce Blant Publsihing into a wonderful world of reading.

Perhaps.  Maybe it’s time to adjust the sails.


And perhaps it’s just another opportunity to look at the talents, abilities, and creative genius surrounding us every day. Maybe we can’t see the forest for the trees, because it’s too close. The Universe gives our expectations a good shake-up, and suddenly we recognize a much better situation.

Faces change all the time…but some stay the same: serene, wise, assertive, creative, passionate.  Those are the faces we have chosen to launch into 2017 with. Maybe the face for our 2017 has changed and the plans have shifted a bit (and for the better, we might add), but the team that chooses to face the challenges of the new year with us are the ones we value most.

Keep an eye out for us. You’ll probably see new faces, some you’ve never seen before. But there will be many you do recognize…the faces you’ve come to rely on…the ones you can trust. And every one of us will be working hard to share our passion with you through creative minds and great stories. So much to look forward to!

~ Happy Reading

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