There’s a CommonBond Between the Haves and Have Nots — It’s with BOOKS!

66ec5e54468c67f2735af0590c1c44c5How amazing is it that virtually anyone can pick up a book and disappear into the world created upon those pages?  Add to that the, even more, incredible reality that books from the library are FREE!  All of this adds up to hours of adventure, information, and escape, gratis!

I’m always energized with the beginning of a new year and thus far, 2016 has proven no exception.  New books are scheduled to be published throughout the year with three new authors coming on board just this quarter.  How exciting is that?

Cover Press image Deanna JewelPrepare to meet Deanna Jewel — our newest romance novelist, who introduces her Surrender Series in hardbound and Nook editions with Never Surrender (book 1).


In addition, Lorena Glass will reintroduce fans to her paranormal series, beginning with Roses on Fire, due out in February.


Adam Scott will present his dark fiction/fantasy novel series to the public this year as well.


Discover the Magic of Books


Add several children’s books and new novels from our current authors into the mix, such as Cutter Slagle, Jaye Helm, Joel SilvermanBarnacle Bill, and Marti Melville, and we have a perfect blend of exciting reads for 2016.

Please help Doce Blant Publishing ring in the new year by picking up a Doce Blant book.  Join our rewards program and you’ll receive FREE books for the entire year!  Let’s make 2016 an amazing year of BOOKS!


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