Two Thoughts About Readers

Flying is a big part of an author's life. Travelling across the country, sometimes across the world, for book signings and events is a wonderful experience for all of the Doce Blant Publishing authors

Yesterday was a travel day for me. I was exhausted and just wanted one of those quiet, close my eyes and disappear into my own thoughts kind of flights. It almost happened too…until the guy sitting next to me spotted the book in my hand.

“I used to read her stuff, then I kinda got bored when the neice grew up in the series.”


“Now I’m reading Robert Galbraith‘s third book. Did you know that’s really J. K. Rowling?”

I sat up and glanced at him. His grin stretched from one side of his face to the other. How could I resist such enthusiasm? I smiled back.

“Yes. That story is amazing…”

Fly away with Doce Blant BooksWe spent the next 45 minutes talking about books, what genres were our favorites and why, and what the next book we each wanted to read would be. He had no idea I was a writer and I never told him. It was a pleasant beginning to my flight.

I learned something from that brief encounter. The first was that there are still enthusiastic readers “out there” who are looking for good books. They’re willing to invest their time and money in finding the next great book–whether in print or ePub version, these people want to read.

The second lesson came with this guy’s enthusiasm. He had discovered several “golden nuggests” that he had no idea were great books, until he read them. I’d never heard of the authors and was pleased that the names and titles were relatively unknown, even to this guy who boasted about how magnificent it was to find such a great book buried in Barnes & Noble. I smiled and prayed that my books would be discovered in the same way.

Two thoughts about readers:

  1. They are out there and looking for books
  2. Gushing about an amazing book they just read comes natural

This makes my heart happy. I’m so glad I flew next to this guy (I wish I’d found out his name…but alas, we were too busy dropping names of authors).  

Reading a Doce Blant book during flights is a great way to enjoy travelling

A good day!

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