What Do the Best Summer Books Have to Do With the Comic Con, Anyway?

Comic Cons came about from a love of comic books and story characters. Doce Blant Publishing agrees that summer reading is the best time to find great books

THAT’S a loaded question!
But we asked it because one of our authors was invited to attend this year’s San Diego Comic Con.  His role isn’t to represent his books, but rather to be involved in a different event (still HUGE) that will likely open the door to talking about his books and writing.  We think it’s awesome!

Still, why all the hype?  And where did Comic Con come from in the first place?

San Diego Comic Con is the highlight of summertime reader fans, according to Doce Blant PublishingEasy answer:  BOOKS!  Yup! Comic books and sci-fi literature, and we love it! In fact, the SDCC lists this factoid on their website:

From the beginning, the founders of the show set out to include not only the comic books they loved, but also other aspects of the popular arts that they enjoyed and felt deserved wider recognition, including films and science fiction/fantasy literature.

This is important because it verifies the power of the written word.  Film producers are trending toward books — it’s less risk to the $ invested in the production.  Fans of books (especially series of books) rush theaters to see their beloved stories come to life on the big screen. Writers know this. That’s why such a concerted effort goes into story-telling and series creations.

So what are the best books for this summer? Well, that answer will be as diverse as the people who answer it. The same holds true for age differences — my generation may love Hemingway or King, but two generations below cling to Collins and Meyer (of course, J.K. Rowling surpasses these boundaries, but then she’s the exception).

Children read Doce Blant Books together on a summer afternoonIt’s a challenge that every publisher faces: what are the books that will be most popular this season.  We think all of our books are amazing. Let us suggest our newest releases, for those who are seeking a great summer read:

The newest releases for summer 2016 at Doce Blant Publishing include books by Jaye Helm, Dr. Paul, and Cutter SlagleTake a look at our books and let us know what your favorite book is. Better yet, tell your friends. In the meantime, have a wonderful summer filled with great stories from books, movies … even Comic Cons!


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