What Do You Look for When You Google Books?

Books read by the public are sought most often from Doce Blant PublishingYesterday, I had a friend recommend a “great book” that I “need to read.”  Even before we ended our conversation, I was on my laptop and had pulled up a Google search for the book.  Within moments, I had the information I needed to screen and purchase the book.


The whole process made me realize how fortunate we are (in this century) to have the Google “card-catalogue” (versus the Dewey Decimal System of my day).  That means the search for books has been made easier — a paradigm shift, as it were, to virtually access more books.  For me, the library just expanded and I cannot see the end to the book shelves.  What a tremendous opportunity!

Yesterday, CNN Money confirmed through the American Association of Publishers (AAP) that book sales did NOT drop last year for paperback adult books. The AAP stated that book sales are still on the rise in 2016.

The Association of American Publishers spotted a similar trend during the first three quarters of 2015. From January until September of last year, the AAP reported that eBooks were down 11.1%.

The group said most of the decline came in sales of children or young adult books, which saw a 44.8% decline in eBook sales. Paperback sales grew by 13.3% over the same period, according to the AAP.

My belief is that this comes from readers.  It also comes from the ease with which readers can find the books they want to read.  Of interest is the steady increase of paperback adult books.  The public is still reading printed books!  This makes me smile and brings renewed faith in the magic of fresh ink on paper.

Printing Press Doce Blant publishing endorses printed books

Here’s to those of us who love books!  Let’s keep this industry strong and support the sale of books together.  We’ll get great books published, printed, and available in the market. Your job is to enjoy! Look up a good book using whatever system you prefer.

… We’d suggest Google.

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