What’s More American than Nascar, Hotdogs, The Grateful Dead, and Baseball … or a Good Book



Summertime brings with it hot sticky days filled with traditional pastimes.  Images of brightly colored sno-cones sold from sidewalk shacks, baseball games and hot dogs under the stars, homemade ice cream while watching the 4th of July fireworks, classic rock-n-roll blasting from a radio as the car is washed, popsicles, bike rides, beach picnics, surfing … the list could go on and on and on.


Summer Book with Sky and TreeBut one image is consistently seen in nearly every summertime postcard, Norman Rockwell painting, or favorite photo — the smile on the face of a person or child who lies in the grass under the shade of a large tree with a book in his hand.  It’s one of my favorite reflections.  Of course, spend any day walking along a beach and count the number of people with their noses in books — they rival those lying under trees.


Cicero_ReadingFor authors, this means they are needed — their stories fill in a valued spot in the tradition of summertime reading.  Creativity at its best can be found between the pages of a good book and never more than during the summer is a writer’s imagination valued than during those sweltery days in July.


open book

Write!  If you have a story within your soul, share it with those who love to read.  Find a moment every day to jot down your thoughts and share them with the world.  Publishers, like Doce Blant Publishing, are waiting to help you transform your creativity into print and place it into the hands of summertime readers.

reading with daffodils

Please write your story then contact Doce Blant Publishing.  We’re here for the creative artists who craft ideas between the covers of a great book … especially for the summer.


Reading magic child

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