What’s the Target? Building a Strong Campaign for PR with Authors

PR and Doce Blant works hard for their authors in promoting books

Lunch had just finished and most attendees were still networking over dessert.  However, one room was packed to standing capacity only.  A small podium at the front of the room held everyone’s attention at the woman standing behind it diagramed a strong campaign for PR work for a new release.  You could hear a pin drop.  No one in that gathering dared to miss a single word she said — so vital were her comments to the successful promotion of an author’s work.




To attempt to recap the information she provided would be difficult.  So, we’ll share below an article from the same company, keeping in mind that there is so much more that needs to be said on the topic.

PR and Doce Blant works hard for their authors in promoting booksFrom literary publicist, Tany Soussanna and Where Writers Win online:

“… for the author whose book has been published, for a while, and is now looking to make a difference between where their book is at today (perhaps just puttering along), or where it can be (with a publicist in tow), then ask yourself this: If not now, when?

For the author who is looking to create public awareness, and well beyond social media, to bring their book brand recognition to the next level with traditional press (the other media), it comes down to two words: Public Relations. Where the name of the game in publishing is getting the ‘word’ out and generating a buzz on your book, think PR… publicity!

Enter the PR Dragon. If you are looking to enhance your book’s market, publicity is the most powerful strong-arm in marketing communication your book can enjoy. Consider, unlike a proud new mother who just gave birth with hopes of seeing healthy movement from her baby, it is up to the author to create ANY movement with their baby – publicizing their book!

This particularly holds true in the beginning upon a book’s initial release. A critical period for any newly available book that goes to market. This is the time when authors should recognize and understand the significant value of promotion, aka PR (Public Relations) – the big brother in the pecking echelon of marketing.

Next to PR, the other components making up today’s long arm of marketing include – sales, distribution, advertising, social media, blogs, viral platforms, etc. (virtually as infinite as your creativity can take you, your book). These primary areas are among the collective ‘workings’ of the marketing machine.”

PR and Doce Blant works hard for their authors in promoting booksWe couldn’t agree more.  The process of promoting a published book, whether newly released or established, is daunting.  Publicists, media experts, marketing consultants, and distributors are an invaluable part of the team required for successful sales of any writer’s IP (intellectual property).

We’re grateful for the supportive team of experts working with Doce Blant’s authors.  Their contribution is one of the single-most important aspects of publishing.  While many remain behind the scenes, the work they do with the authors remains invaluable to all who associate with them.  Thanks for your hard work on our behalf!

PR and Doce Blant works hard for their authors in promoting books


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