Chapter One — Write A Novel

Writer's Mind as it Creates A Novel, Writing Tips, How to Write a NovelOn your mark … get set … GO!


That’s how it feels sometimes when an author sits down for the first time with his head filled with ideas that scream to be put onto paper (or into the hard-drive of a computer).  The race is on and translating images, ideas and thoughts sometimes become confusing with so many moving parts all begging for attention at the same time.


So how does one sit down to write that first novel — or the first chapter of a new novel?  Simply put, you just do it.  Given the numerous “how to write” books, articles and blogs filled with “expert” advice, the process can become daunting.  But the process is the same whether you are writing your first or your fiftieth novel:  shut out the distractions, grab your favorite cold (or hot) beverage, pull out the laptop, and begin.

Writer’s Digest provides articles for the avid author that give suggestions for when a writer gets stuck.  Specifically, Jeff Gerke provides four approaches that he suggests for anyone looking to begin a novel.  In a nutshell, his suggestions seem to be a great way to kick-start a novel begging to be let out of a writer’s mind-trap.

Use these tips and get that story written.  Doce Blant Publishing is waiting to hear from you.  We want to take your story through the publishing process to place it in the hands of readers everywhere. Contact us — the submission process is easy and designed to support the goals you have set for your writing career.  We’d love to hear from you.


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