A. M. Crane



A M Crane psychological thriller, horror, paranormal author of The Sullivan House

A.M. Crane is an established writer whose paranormal, psychological thriller novels bend the imagination, suggesting the possibility that things do go bump in the night. A. M. Crane resides in the U. S. where writing preternatural stories continues to be a passion.





Sullivan House

(a psychological thriller set in Savannah)

The Sullivan House by A. M. Crane is a supernatural, paranormal, horror, psychological thriller set in Savannah

Through blackened windows, the soul of the Sullivan House waits—dark, sinister, and alive.


“Sullivan House delivers a disturbing conveyance of justice, retribution and revenge through the hands of the supernatural.”  ~ M. Angeloni



Sullivan House Book Cover Sullivan House
A. M. Crane
Doce Blant Publishing
October 15, 2017
P. J. Roscoe (author of paranormal thriller fiction)

Wow! What a story! The first few chapters I read with a puzzled brow but then I got hooked. I read a few chapters every day wanting to know more. To finish it, I HAD to stay up till some awful time because I HAD to know how it ended!!

It’s a story that throws the reader right in at the deep end. Great descriptions that made me grimace a few times! (In a good way!) I wanted to know more about the characters and their backgrounds. Also, I’d visited Savannah only a few months before which brought the book to life even more for me as I could relate to the surroundings.

I have a few questions for the author which I’ll broach privately as I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone. 😉

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