Teresa Carol

Teresa Carol, paranormal investigator, medium, psychic, and author

Since 1985, Teresa Carol has been an International Psychic and Paranormal Investigator featured in books, on radio, television, social media and public venues. As an instructor of Metaphysics, she teaches that the spiritual realm is a part of this reality and that a little common sense can aide a person in understanding most paranormal phenomena.

Teresa enjoys traveling to sacred sites to explore the spiritual world. Born with a happy heart, she has a gentle approach to diffusing fear and helping others learn through her experiences.

Teresa Carol resides in the Seattle, WA area.


How to Spook Yourself Up:

A Manual for Paranormal Investigation

Scared to death, an inexperienced paranormal investigator is faced with emotional trauma and physical harm. Because the unexpected happens, the novice investigator must learn to assess and bring resolution with professionalism. All of this must be done before the unsettling spectral phenomena cause panic. The goal: stop the unseen forces from terrifying living beings away from their sanctuary…and their sanity. 

With the help of this manual, you can access the tools needed to gain experience for working with spiritual phenomena.

Available in Paperback & Hardbound



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