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Barnacle Bill Bedlam Author of Skeleton Krewe


Barnacle Bill Bedlam, rowdy and contemptuous, a two-bit rogue with a reckless thirst for adventure, began to chronicle his “Tales” years ago. His youth was spent as a traveling troubadour before he unearthed his true passion for sailing tall ships and battling with black powder weapons and cutlasses. 
Wanted for ‘Piracy of the High Seas’ with countless acts against the Crown, and general lawlessness, the Barnacle remains in hiding.  It is only on occasion we receive a hint of his miscreant ways by receipt of another of his “Tales.” This book is the next testament that Barnacle Bill Bedlam still sails the Caribbean seas

… whereabouts unknown.

Adventure takes on a whole new meaning when in the company of this scallywag!


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Barnacle Bill Bedlam Skeleto Krewe

The Tales of Barnacle Bill: Skeleton Krewe

(book 2 in the Barnacle Bill series)

Hardbound and Paperback

(Release date – October 2015)


Where’s Barnacle?

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Barnacle Bill Bedlam



The Tales of Barnacle Bill: Skeleton Krewe Book Cover The Tales of Barnacle Bill: Skeleton Krewe
The Tales of Barnacle Bill
Barnacle Bill Bedlam
YA Action & Adventure, Fiction
Doce Blant Publishing
15 December 2015

There's a place where real and surreal collide. At the mercy of a madman, a phantom, Mr. Bones joins a cursed Krewe and chases the horizon in a race against his time left on earth to find the Ocean's Daughter before the 'Wicked' one finds them first! "She bears the power to free their very souls from a life never asked for, a life never wanted. But will they find a Savior in this spirit before the sword of Damocles buries their souls at sea?" No one really knows.

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  1. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Barnacle Bill Bedlam is the kind of scallywag that you love to fear (but actually fall in love with). In Skeleton Krewe, he takes you on an adventure that mixes reality with mythos — a true salty tale from the sea. Meet various characters throughout history and fiction (mostly pirates, of course) and discover a treasure that has been hidden for centuries. The story leaves the reader with a great sense of adventure, the thrill of pirates from the 18th-century Caribbean, and a crush on Barnacle Bill.

    Sail away with the Skeleton Krewe — you’ll be glad you did! (a great book for YA and adults alike)

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