Basic How-To Sign and Number Your Books


Marti Melville signing booksSIGNED Books

All of you will have the amazing opportunity to sign books (write your autograph inside the book). This seems like it should be a “no-brainer,” but there are often some questions that crop up about the proper way to sign a book (for value).

This article from Authority Publishing gives some good suggestions about the “proper method to autograph a book.”

Most important of all — NEVER use the same signature signing your books that you would use to sign a check. Fraud happens with a photograph and digital programs.

Numbered book 2NUMBERED Books

For those of you who are providing signed/numbered (limited edition) books, here are some images of what that should look like. Remember the following very important rules:

  • More than 100 or 200 numbered books will change the value (the less numbered books, the more valuable they are).  Recommend number: 100.
  • The lower the number on the book, the more valuable (save those numbers for loved ones).
  • Keep a very accurate record of the numbers you have given out so that repetitions don’t happen.

Have a great time at your book signings and know that these books have great value to those who support you through their purchases.  Enjoy this rare opportunity — to autograph your book as a published author for someone who appreciates your work.

Coach Robert "Bob" Kelly, Jr. at the St. Regis Monarch Beach — Aug 16, 2015

Coach Robert “Bob” Kelly, Jr. at the St. Regis Monarch Beach — Aug 16, 2015

Jaye Beaufort Book Signing2

Author Jaye Helm at Beaufort, NC book signing event

Official Release Date book signing 71910

Marti Melville signs the first copy of Midnight Omen (19 July 2010)

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