It’s Super Tuesday and Schools are Closing — Now What?

Foggy beach rocks and a day to read Doce Blant BooksThe skies are foggy at the beaches in Southern California — we call it “cold.”  Many states away, along the East Coast, schools are closing due to snowfall in record amounts.  Kids call that a “snow day” and celebrate.  Combine these events with the windfall of voters that will hit the polls, and we have what’s referred to as “Super Tuesday.”

But whatever day you want to call it — consider that it might be a day to pull out a book, hunker down in your favorite sofa, and escape between the pages.  We call that “the best day ever!”

snowfall lantern on a day that's good to read Doce Blant booksWherever your story takes you, the Super Snowday Tuesday Best Day Ever is one that you’ll want to repeat again and again and again.  Why?  Because nothing beats an afternoon curled up with a good book.

We agree!

So, to those who celebrate the amazing day today in whatever form you “call it” — have a wonderful time reading a great book!

Escape into the magic of books


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