Overthinkers Anonymous

by Cutter Slagle

As I get older and (hopefully) wiser, I want to expand my vocabulary. Specifically, I want to learn the definition of “responsible.” Or, more appropriately, I want to discover what it means to take responsibility for my actions.

Side note: Some of you reading this should think about packing a bag and taking the long journey with me.

But, I digress. This article is about me, my faults. This time, I’m at the center of the “blame game.”

If you’re a constant reader of my blog (as you should be), then you know I have no qualms pointing out other people’s imperfections and mistakes. Now I’m going to point out one of mine. No, I’m not alluding to that time in my life when I thought I was going to be the next Robert DeNiro. Though, as a result, I am SAG-eligible, thank you very much.

Today, I want to explore a trait of mine that often gets me into trouble. This trait is unattractive, unhealthy, time-consuming, and a negative quality that I, Cutter Slagle, need to take responsibility for allowing to become a part of me.

It’s interesting, really. We live in a world where Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are readily available, right along with groups that include Overeaters Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Hell, even Sex Addicts Anonymous weekly gatherings exist. And while that’s all perfectly fine and nice, I can’t help but wonder . . . Why isn’t there a place for overthinkers to go?

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Cutter Slagle is the published author of horror, mystery, and suspense fiction.  Many of his short stories have appeared in various print anthologies and online magazines. Cutter has an established presence in the crime fiction, mystery genre.

The Next Victim and ‘Til Death can be found in hardbound, paperback and ePub editions through better retail bookstores worldwide.

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