Pocket Guides and Real Moms — We Have That!

Sticky notes on the walls of the Doce Blant Publishing officeList-makers have left their mark throughout the office — bread crumbs (as it were) trailing “to-do’s” and “what’s important today” for each team member here.  As individual as the person who wrote it, the mile-markers written on sticky notes or whiteboards or tablets have their own identity.  Much like reading a foreign language, some of the notes are indecipherable to anyone but its creator.

One of the editors here has a wall peppered in yellow — sticky notes everywhere with instructions on what the next projects’ goals are.  Another has done the same over the exterior of her laptop in bullet-point fashion with multicolored stickies.  Bullet points written on a white board decorate the back office wall right next to the line of 5×7 cards taped in organized rows.

Everyone here has his preference.

Bullet points are used to help authors and publishers organize books to print at Doce Blant PublishingI’m a list-maker.  I prefer stuff written succinctly in easy-to-read lists.  My bullet points are found on my cell phone, laptop, on paper, and in books.  In fact, when I found out that we would be publishing a Pocket Guide for Real Moms, I was ecstatic!  So were several others.  In fact, word among already-established Real Moms was, in effect, “I wish I’d had this when I was raising kids.”  Those in the throws of raising kids expressed the same sentiment, “Thank heavens this is available now.”

We agree.

Real Mom's Dental Pocket Guide CAVITIES by Dr. Paul Schreiter and published by Doce Blant Publishing

Real Mom’s Dental Pocket Guide is a series of books (little ones sized to fit in a purse or back pocket) that give the bullet-point description for taking care of kids’ dental issues.  As author, Dr. Paul states:

“Your child’s dental health does not allow do-overs, so you’ve got to get it right the first time, but …”

This is one of those things that Real Moms know they need to do right … the first time!  A pocket guide is just the tool that will help guide moms to do what’s needed with their kids’ teeth.  It’s filled with bullet points and lists — sweet “to-do’s” for taking care of teeth.  The bonus is that Dr. Paul has listed easy tips that can be done immediately, as well as questions moms will want to ask their dentist.  But the key is to take that step and make it REAL.  The responsibility falls on each of us.

Tell your friends about Real Mom's Dental Pocket Guide by Dr. Paul Schreiter and published by Doce Blant PublishingREAL MOM, you’re responsible for the life of your child(ren). I’m only here to give advice about dental health, but personal responsibility is HUGE in this area. Here are some of the comments I’ve heard over the years where parents just resigned themselves to less than ideal:

  • My son is just prone to cavities. I guess we’ll just be seeing you a lot.
  • My daughter LOVES gummy bears and I can’t find anything else that will quiet her down when she gets upset. Sorry about all the cavities.
  • Our whole family just has crooked teeth and dental problems. Oh well.

Dr. Paul addressed your questions in Real Mom’s Dental Pocket Guide and follows through with a Q&A page on the website.  Jump into what’s new for Real Moms — order your copy of the Real Mom’s Dental Pocket Guide and take that first step to doing what’s right for your kiddos.

Who is Dr. Paul and How Can He Help My Family?

Dr PaulDr. Paul Schreiter is an American dentist that graduated from the University of Adelaide (South Australia) at the top of his class. He also won a national award for a research summary paper about how best to treat knocked out teeth.

He was born curious and wanted to know REASONS we do what we do. That’s why he set out on a lifelong quest to understand why dentistry has been done the way it’s been done.

He makes sure the dental ideas work well while minimizing potential risk to your family. Then he makes sure they give the most beautiful results that last as long as possible.

If you think your family deserves the best ideas to help you work ideally with your child’s dentist, then get our special report that includes weekly updates delivered right to you.

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