The Bachelor versus Scarlet (and the Winner Is…)

RoseMonday nights can be such a dilemma for most of us. Does the beckoned call of the TV pull our attention to spend hours, gawking at high-stakes drama for unmarried singles? Or do we hunker down with the latest hot new release of the printed version?


The answer is always so clear for many on this first night of the week — “take up a good book and immerse yourself in it” (a direct quote from one of our authors, Marti Melville). And we agree.

B&W Take up a book

Apparently, there are others who do too. It seems that recent statistics have shown 2016 to bolster an increase in printed book sales — a great start to the new year! Fortunately, reading a great mystery like The Next Victim (by Cutter Slagle) or disappearing onto adventures over the high seas of the Spanish Main (Sarafina, Barnacle Bill, and Grandma BallyHuHu), even expanding your mind with Joel Silverman’s dog training tips or a quick Kellyism proves to be the favorite past-time on Monday nights. Still, for those who yearn for romance, Deanna Jewel has provided that too.

And there will be more where these came from. Rest assured, Monday-night drama fans, we will be bringing you many more intriguing and heart-wrenching stories in 2016. Stay tuned, stay cozy, and keep reading great books!

Rose in Book

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