Welcome Books – Welcome to the New Year

2017 started with a bang - like a rooster crowing in the pre-dawn hours. What books are you going to read this year? Doce Blant Publishing wants to know.

2017 hit with a bang! Snow storms, politics, the flu…  Much like a pre-dawn rooster’s crow, these events have brought in the Chinese Year of the Rooster with an unexpected startle.

So, now that the New Year has awakened you, what are your plans? Of course, the usual “get healthier” type goal tops nearly everyone’s resolution list, but have you considered where books fit in?

Perhaps 2017 is the year for reading.

That’s what we’d like to see happen this year — more books! Books in the hands of everyone. More reading! Talking about books too!

How great this year would be if we focused our discussions about a great literary work, as much as we discuss politics or sports or celebrities. Not that we all don’t love all those things, but let’s love books at least a little more this year.

We’d like to hear from you. What is your favorite genre and what types of books do you want to see more of this year? 

At Doce Blant Publishing, we want to support readers. The best way we can do that is to bring you more of what you enjoy. So tell us what to publish this year. Let us know your preferences. Together, let’s make this year an outstanding year for great books!

Happy reading in 2017!

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