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Cutter Slagle author of horror and mystery novels The Next Victim

Cutter Slagle is the published author of horror, mystery, and suspense fiction. Many of his short stories have appeared in various print anthologies and online magazines. Cutter has an established presence in the crime fiction, mystery genre.

Cutter earned a degree in English and minor in Creative Writing from The Ohio State University. He lives in Southern California where he continues to write.

He is the master of horror and spine-tingling tales.  Prepare to be terrified.

Hardbound and Paperback


(release date: August 11, 2016)



Hardbound and Paperback

Next Victim murder mystery crime fiction suspense

 (release date: October 2015)

The Set


The Next Victim and 'Til Death by Cutter Slagle, murder, mystery, crime fiction, suspense 



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'Til Death Book Cover 'Til Death
Cutter Slagle
Mystery, Suspense
Doce Blant Publishing
11 August 2016

Bodies stack up in a small, Southern California town, as a serial killer strangles young women. The ultimate rule of survival becomes clear: trust no one. Clues left by the killer's choice of victims remain unnoticed until Cate Abbott unearths something crucial.  She is sure she knows just who the monster really is, but will anyone believe her? It’s true that secrets don’t stay buried for long, as a stranger’s revenge, an ex-detective with a plan, and a past murder all collide, proving that digging up some secrets can be deadly.

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  1. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I picked up a copy of this book from the publisher. My first thought was, “Okay, another great suspense mystery by Cutter.” I was blown away. The book is so much more than what I anticipated. Cutter Slagle has raised the who-done-it bar once more. Without giving any spoilers, this plot twists the reader into a guessing game as to who the murderer is with each chapter. Definitely a page-turner! Definitely a “Must Read” for those who love murder mystery novels!

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