David Schel

Author David Schel wrote Without a Chair and Guilty of Innocence to back his Children of Divorce campaign


David Schel is the champion and founder of Kids Against Divorce; a nationally recognized organization dedicated to giving children a voice.  David is also the creator of The Marriage Education Act, which has been discussed on several network television news shows as well as in newspapers and on radio programs throughout the country.  He has experienced divorce from all sides; as a son, a brother, an uncle, a husband, a stepfather, and father.  





“Resilence is relative.”



Without A Chair by David Schel advocates for children of divorce. Doce Blant Publishing


On the verge of lost hope, Gil discovers his true love in a Psych Ward, and together they set out to build a normal life.  But as family dysfunction tightens its grip and trusted friends reveal their true colors, Gil must overcome a crippling illness before Sandi returns to her old ways and he loses everyone and everything. Will Gil survive as a new voice for victims, or will history repeat and a lifetime of scars destroy his family?


Without A Chair by David Schel and published by Doce Blant Publishing

Hardbound and Paperback 

Available July 2016



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