Dr. Paul Schreiter

Dr. Paul Schreiter author and dental specialistDr. Paul Schreiter is an American dentist that graduated from the University of Adelaide (South Australia) at the top of his class. He also won a national award for a research summary paper about how best to treat knocked out teeth.

He was born curious and wanted to know REASONS we do what we do. That’s why he set out on a lifelong quest to understand why dentistry has been done the way it’s been done. Sometimes he found the traditional forms of dental treatment NOT to be the best options.

He’s a Learnaholic that has collected IDEAS from all over the world of dentistry and brings them to you. He loves to teach these ideas almost as much as he loves his wife, Karen. He found that when patients understood WHY, they could and would make better choices in treatment options.

Dr. Paul is the author of the Real Mom’s Dental Pocket Guide series. The books are aimed at helping moms with their kids’ real life dental challenges. Better yet, he offers concrete advice on how to prevent many of them in the first place.

He guarantees more useful information in every book than you will get from visiting your child’s dentist.




Real Mom's Dental Pocket Guide CAVITIES by Dr. Paul Schreiter and published by Doce Blant Publishing


(Release date:  June 2016)

Real Mom’s Dental Pocket Guide website



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