Event Submission

To have your event considered by Doce Blant Publishing, please fill out the form below. 
The following minimum requirements must be met for consideration. Once approved, you will be required to pay a $100 deposit to secure the event (refundable only after the event’s completion).

  • Minimum of 3 authors in attendance 
  • Event submission must be received a minimum of 6 months in advance 
  • Invoiced deposit must be paid prior to consideration
  • Personal expenses (including event passes) will be covered by Author. Books at non-retailer venue (cons, festivals, etc.) will not be provided by Doce Blant Publishing – exception: retailers ordering through in-house distribution.


Terms and conditions:

Deposit paid for previously approved events that are cancelled by author(s) less than two months prior to event date will not be refunded. If the event venue does not provide refunds on cancelled reservations, the deposit will not be refunded.

Author will not use alcohol or other altering substances while representing Doce Blant Publishing during event hours. Failure to maintain a professional presentation will result in automatic denial of future event submissions or inclusion.

Guests of the attending author are not to sit at the author’s table or designated author area assigned by venue. Guests are not to interact with customers on behalf of Doce Blant Publishing, represented books, or its authors unless hired by Doce Blant Publishing for that express purpose.

Authors who fail to appear at events in which their titles have been pre-purchased by venue or Doce Blant Publishing specifically for that event will be charged for books, including return fees incurred by retail distribution returns.


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