Jim Sargent

Jim Sargent

After years of writing historical articles for journals, as well as interview articles about sports history, Jim turned to writing fiction. He first penned a baseball novel but soon switched to mysteries. Creating Mickey Mathews and a supporting cast, Jim added his historical expertise about 20th Century America to his fictional plots and characters to write Warm Springs Mystery.

Jim Sargent lives with his wife Betty in Roanoke, Virginia.

Warm Springs Mystery

Rumors fly, and the President may be in danger. Novelist Mickey Mathews has again been called in to partner with the FBI. Using his intuitive sense for sniffing out wrongdoing, his team realizes the threat is closer than they think. When they discover the target is President Franklin Roosevelt, time is of the essence. Mickey soon realizes assassins are hiding in plain sight aboard the presidential trains, and he must face kidnappers, traitors, and killers. Will Mickey and his team be able to unravel in time the dangerous web that leads to the possible assassination of the President?

Based on events in 1945, Warm Springs Mystery grips the reader with a historical timeline that exposes what really happened at the presidential retreat in Warm Springs, Georgia.

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