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For over thirty-five years, Joel Silverman has worked as a professional animal trainer, training a variety of animal species. He started off working with killer whales and dolphins then progressed from there to his extensive work with dogs. Joel’s experience includes performing with and training animals in nearly every major theme park in Southern California. Using this extensive expertise, Joel has created a “hybrid” approach dog training technique, which uses a combination of ideas and philosophies learned from both dogs and marine mammals alike. Joel’s passion is teaching this method. Evidence that his methods work: he has successfully sold over 500,000 dog training DVDs, authored four books, and hosted two nationally syndicated TV series (Animal Planet’s Good Dog U and What Color is Your Dog?®)

Joel continues to train animals, write, and appear in public speaking venues.

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Understanding your dog’s rituals gives dog owners the advantage of understanding your dog – particularly because each dog has its own natural behavior. Rituals emphasizes the importance of taking the time to recognize your dog’s need for “the game.”

 Joel Silverman demonstrates how the natural behavior a dog plays out now has the ability to escalate over time. The escalation of the behavior can both be a good thing or bad thing. Either way, that behavior becomes a Ritual.

Hardbound and Paperback

Rituals by Joel Silverman discusses ingrained rituals your pet demonstrates and guides you through understanding how to use these Rituals to train your dog. Published by Doce Blant Publishing(release date: July 2020)

Joel Silverman celebrity dog trainer, author and presenter

Bond With Your Heart; Train With Your Brain

“Great trainers bond with the animal they are training first, and they learn what animal likes and what he does not like. In short, they get to know them, developing a relationship based on trust,” says celebrity animal trainer Joel Silverman. In this entertaining and informative book, Mr. Silverman reminds us that humans are animals, too, and offers pearls of wisdom gained over 40 years of animal training—that the very same principles he uses with animals can increase your effectiveness as a parent, in school, and in the workplace.


Joel Silverman talks about how pet owners can bond with their pets, yet remain a kind trainer while maintaining control of your pet.

(release date:  July  2018)

Joel Silverman celebrity dog trainer, author and presenter

More What COLOR is Your Dog?

More What Color is Your Dog? picks up where the first book left off. Learn proven techniques to work with each personality of dog, as defined through Joel Silverman’s brilliant dog personality color descriptions. Using a series of easy-to-understand phases with a focus on each individual sequence, Joel Silverman is able to break down a dog’s behavior into understandable steps that dog owners can use with their own pets.

Hardbound and PaperbackMore What Color is Your Dog? pets training dogs obedience personality(release date:  September  2015)


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