Ren Cummins

Ren Cummins is a sci-fi, steampunk, fantasy writer who publishes through Doce Blant Publishing


Ren Cummins found his talent with storytelling in high school and has been writing ever since. With ambition to create cool kick-ass female characters in superhero stories for his daughter, Ren launched into the world of fantasy and sci-fi, where his love of philosophy and the bleeding edge of science returned him to tall-tales that seemed strangely familiar. He has authored over eight fantasy books, including the Dead Man series.

Ren’s newest novel, Steel & Sky will be released in Spring of 2017.


New books available soon through Doce Blant Publishing

Steel & Sky

Tales of the Dead Man

On the brink of destruction, Aerthos awaits the prophecy with hope that the elusive corpse can be found. All eyes turn to Captain Sjora Khan-Dyr, who must travel to the capitol of the Steel Cities, the home of her enemies, where she must steal the body out from under the watchful gaze of the Baron’s armies and return it to her people. But will this rescue of the Is’aad Morquith bring about the end of Aerthos or could a dead man save them all?


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