What type of publisher is Doce Blant Publishing™?

Doce Blant Publishing™ is a small press publishing company.


Do you charge fees to the author to publish with Doce Blant?

No.  Doce Blant Publishing™ is a traditional publisher that does not require any fees from its authors to publish.


Is the author paid an advance upon acceptance to publish?

No.  Because we are a small press, the option for advances to authors is not available at this time.


How long does it take to receive a response after submission?

Depending on the genre, most submissions receive a response within six to twelve weeks.


How long is the contract agreement with Doce Blant Publishing?

Our contract is for two to seven years with the option to renew at the end of the contract term, depending on the type of publication we provide (audio is a seven year commitment).


Am I allowed to have my attorney review the contract prior to signing it?  Are the terms negotiable?

Of course!  It is always advisable to have your own attorney review any document before signing.  The terms for publishing with Doce Blant Publishing™ can be negotiated on occasion .


Does Doce Blant Publishing provide marketing for their authors?

There is marketing provided by Doce Blant Publishing™.  The author is also responsible to market their book. We highly encourage the authors to work in conjunction with our distribution and marketing reps. Resources are provided under the “Author’s Resources” section of this site for additional support to the author. These include educational support, coaching, and references if desired.

Does Doce Blant require the author to pay for services listed as “author resources” in order to be published?

No. There is no financial requirement for the authors upon publication. The resources listed on our site are referrals to the professional freelancers utilized by Doce Blant Publishing – available to any writer. Utilizing these resources is not a requirement for publication (these services are optional and provided for anyone in or outside of Doce Blant Publishing, if interested).


How much royalty is paid and how often?

A royalty of 50% of the net copies sold of the publisher’s net revenues for hardbound, paperback, and eBook copies sold. Quarterly payment are made through PayPal or by check to the author.


Can I contact you with additional questions?

Yes. Please contact us through the “Contact Us” page in this site.  Someone will review your question and respond usually within 48 hrs. You can also reach us at: info@doceblant.com.

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