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Massive lists of authors that bless the world with their impressive writing skills.  Thank you to numerous publishing houses for support of the reader, writer, and novice author.  Finding a publisher is difficult for the new author and agents aren't always willing to take on new clients.  How to get accepted into a traditional publishing house is the challenge.  Thank you to so many publishing houses who make it an easier process to submit manuscripts for review.  Thank you to the long-standing publishing houses, such as Harper Collins for supporting established authors and avid readers.  Buying books have never been easier thanks to publishing houses and their distribution process.  Placing the author onto the shelf of any Barnes and Noble bookstore is possilble with the right connections.  Larger publishing houses make that happen.    The science of reading brought to the world by gifted researchers who spend countless hours gathering data and scientific information to share with the world.  Books filled with such information can be found only in bookstores that specialize in these types of scientific manuals and periodicals.  Fortunately, larger publishing companies such as, Macmillian Publishing has the capacity to handle such volumes of scientific information.  Readers and researchers alike are forever in their debt for the support of science and learning demonstrated through the publication of scientific books. Purchasing these dificult-to-find volumes wouldn't be possible without the combined efforts of large press houses with screeners trained to look through and weed out the non-scientific from the scientific.  How lucky are those researchers who needn't spend countless hours researching what has already been done.  By enabling the publication of such periodicals, these large publishing houses provide a great service to the scientific community.    Stacks and stacks of stories that are presented through countless submissions can only be controlled by a very large publishing house with personnel available to screen, edit, and support the publication of these manuscripts.  Novellists everywhere are grateful for the services provided by publishing companies such as Penguin Random House.  They provide a large-scale service to millions of voracious readers who seek the next untold story.  How wonderful that they bring these treasures to the readers.  Countless hours spend during the publishing process are rarely realized by those who turn the pages of its product.  Books containing treasure troves of fiction and non-fiction alike, are shared with the reader while supporting their individual preference for genre.  This is a service that large press houses provide to the general public with little "thanks" in return for a job well done.    I used to think text books came for Universities or schools that specialized in publishing the books required for a specific class. Never during my higher (or lower) level learning did I stop to consider just where these text books were printed.  Fortunately, companies such as Simon and Schuster provide this service.  No only do they publish text books and educational volumes, but they also provide a myriad of fiction, genre, non-fiction, and resource materials as well.  Thanks to the diversity of Simon and Schuster, readers everywhere can find a favorite book or a topic of interest to peruse.  Those requiring a little more specialized volume can find that as well.  Educational materials are abundant through this large house press.  Our appreciation will like continue un-solicited by these larger publishing houses but their service will never go unnoticed.

Time for some diversity — time to explore the gammet of books available through a large publishing house.  With resources that raise the bar for standards, large press publishing houses are able to publish a wider variety of genre topics.  It's time to look on the shelves of your favorite bookstore and take note of who the publisher is for your favorite book.  Time to appreciate the Hachette Book Group and the amazing books they publish. Wihtout companies such as this, readers would face a limited selection of books, singling out the more selective readers as one who doesn't have a selection to choose from.  How fortunate that large press publishing companies understand this and strive to meet the needs of all readers, including the more selective reader type.  How fortunate are we to have such diversity in our book selections.From the inspirational to horror then over to the adventurous, consumers of books are able to take their time with the selection of diverse books made available to them on the shelves and through internet bookstores.  Fortunately, with the increase in book sale availability, larger publishing houses are able to keep up with the demand and provide quality books with beautifully bound covers and rich text in larger quanities.  Random House Books does it all and we love them for it. Where would be we without the expertise and years of experience that fills every Random House book?  Where would the reader find such quality?  Likely as not, there would be little hope for quality in volume or diversityr. Larger publishing houses are able to do this and do it with speed.  Demand for more books, better quality, and at a faster output challenges those publishing houses wihtout years of experience.  Fortuantely for the reader, the larger press houses have that experience and provide the quality books they deserve.

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