The Story Behind the Marie M. Irvine Literary in Excellence Award


Marie M. Irvine historian and writer is the woman the Marie M. Irvine Literary in Excellence Award has been named for

Marie M. Irvine

 The Marie M. Irvine Award Literary in Excellence Award is a literary award created in honor of the prestigious historical writer from Utah.

Sadly, Marie passed away three years ago. Marie was a major contributor to writers, history, and specifically the Ogden City Library system in Utah. Marie’s contributions to historical research on Utah history is significant. Her involvement with promoting and supporting the libary system and literacy is recognized to this day.

This award is fully funded by the family members of Marie M. Irvine. Their contributions provide the funding for this literary award and make all aspects of the awarded prizes possible. It is our hope that we may continue to encourage writers of historical novels (fiction and non-fiction) in honor of Marie M. Irvine throughout the years.


*The $25 entry fee pays the judges (whose names are not listed per their request, however their notes are available to all authors who enter). None of the monies received for this award goes to any part of the Doce Blant Publishing process, its team members, or its business operation.

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