19 Years Ago Today

~ by P. J. Roscoe


Today, nineteen years ago, I gave birth to my special girl, Megan Arianwen. She was 6Ib 2oz and she was a gift. Her brother had died the year before, hours before I gave birth. To hold a dead son is something impossible to describe. To hold a living daughter is beyond words – and I’m an author.

Some have asked me my favourite words to describe my children, so here they are:
Precious. Strong. Courageous. Brave. Special. Miracles.

Jac died from many complications within his tiny body that should have meant he didn’t live beyond 12 weeks in my womb- but he was a miracle to have lived to 36 weeks. He lived to show me courage at a time he knew I’d need it to continue with another pregnancy so soon after his death. The chances of something similar happening again was high, but I knew my little girl would live – and she did.

Megan has autism and dyspraxia, but regardless of all her problems, she continues to be brave and loving and kind and cares about people.

I wrote the Adventures of Faerie folk for her. To show her being different is okay. To prove that love and kindness truly are the strongest emotions and that nature is nurturing and beautiful, so much more fun than sitting watching the world go by on a screen.


It is now on Audible – perfect for night-time. Cuddle up with your precious children and listen to the first two stories in the series. More is coming – illustrations take a while to get right. Perseverance is another good word for my children, and myself.
So I invite you to consider beautiful words to describe your loved ones, and also yourself. If you find it difficult to consider loving words for yourself, explore that. We are all loving creatures, sometimes, we merely forget.

Sending you wonderful, bliss.

Doce Blant Publishing

P. J. Roscoe writes paranormal romance and is published through Doce Blant Publishing


P. J. Roscoe is an award-winning author, who has written several books in various anthologies. She is married and lives with her daughter, dog, and three cats. Daily walks among nature in magnificent North Wales connects P. J. Roscoe to mother Earth. P. J. Roscoe continues to live in the U.K. where she is working on her next novel.

Echoes is P. J. Roscoe’s paranormal romance novel due for release in May,  2017.


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