Books Make the Best Gifts

 Books Make the Best Gifts  by Marti Melville

Books from Doce Blant Publishing make the best gifts

For many years (from the time of my earliest memories), my mom would plan a Christmas outing to the mall to look at the displays, maybe see Santa, and visit the book store there. Always, without exception, we would come home with a cookie and a book. That has always been a favorite tradition of mine — one that I’ve carried on with my own children and now, grandchildren.

Something magical happens around the holidays with books. The wrapped package was always recognizable — everyone knows a book, even when they see it covered in sparkly paper and tied with a ribbon — but the magic is still there. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas, at my house, without at least one book per person under the tree. 

Maybe that’s where my love of reading, holding books, reading to my kiddos, and finally, writing came from. The magical thought that perhaps my newly-written book would be wrapped in sparkly paper, tied up with a bow, and set under the tree. That would be the best gift for any author.

As we approach your holiday season, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Bodhi Day, Yule, Boxing Day, Hogmanay, Kwanzaa, the Dongzhi Festival, or a myriad of other celebrations this time of year — a book always makes the best gift.

May you have a happy, healthy, a wonderful book-filled celebration! 
Happy reading ~

Marti Melville

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