Dealing with Rejection — an Expert’s Advice

This article was originally posted by Hollywood screenwriter, David Silverman. While his comments are directed to screenwriters trying to break into the film industry, the advice he gives applies to writers of all mediums — novelists included.

We re-post a portion of it here:

9 Keys to Surviving Rejection in Hollywood – Part 1

Rejection is a part of every writer's experience. Doce Blant Publishing understands how painful it can be.



“Rejection just motivates me to keep trying and to try and get better.”  Sasha Grey  If it were only that simple.  The truth is, rejection in Hollywood can really crush your soul.


Whether you’re an actor, writer, director, set designer, wardrobe designer, director or filmmaker, it always hurts.   In this blog I focus on screenwriters, but the principles apply to everyone.

And it hurts more if you’ve invested months and years in a project and then it gets rejected over and over again.  Add to that the struggle to pay rent, to keep a relationship together while you pour your soul into your work.  So how can we cope?


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