Does It Really Work?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Tell another person about the book you just read. Help an author get exposure needed to get their books recognized in the public. Tell others about the Doce Blant books.

This was common advice to nearly anyone growing up as a Baby-Boomer. It fits with the global karma concept. New ideas have been presented using lingo such as: “what goes around, comes around” and “like attracts like.” In fact, there are books written of the subject of attraction and the result of eminating positive energy.

We believe it.

Probably the best example of this is through word-of-mouth sharing. Social media calls it interacting. We call it “telling others about the goood things in your life.” Statistics have proven that when one person shares his or her opinion about a book or an author, that mushrooms into press that cannot be duplicated through paid advertising or posts. The power of the spoken word is undeniable.

Recently, an article was suggested to our company about this very topic. The article was written nearly six years ago, but the premise hasn’t changed in years.  The dominance of reprocity to benefit everyone is almost overwhelming. Yet, not everyone taps into this benefit. From our standpoint, it’s not clear why — the rewards are immense!

Per Melonie Dodaro in her article The Power of the Law of Reciprocity in Socal Media

The idea is simple and is essentially based on the old “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” concept. This has never been more relevant as it is today with our use of social media. I believe that there should be one major distinction from this old courtesy and that is to always give more than you receive.

Taking this one step further, why not apply this concept to reading material, aka: books?  We think readers hold the greatest power for good in the book industry. Authors live by reviews for a good reason. When others read a book review, they are getting first-hand accounts from someone’s who’s been there, read that.  It’s the clostest thing to a nudge in the ribs and a whispered, “Wanna know a secret?”

Read a book from Doce Blant PublishingThink about the last book you read. Did you tell anyone about it? Good or bad, your comments made an impact on the person you shared your thoughts with. YOU made an impact. Authors pray for that impact (for the good) with their writing. Books in the public are often buried in mounds of other books in their shared genre. Often the best ones are hard to find … unless someone tells you about them.

We ask all of our readers to share their thoughts about the Doce Blant books. Tell your friends, your co-workers what you thought. Share your opinions about the books, the genre, the author’s creation on social media. Post comments on your favorite author’s blogs. This helps more than you realize. It’s an unseen force that truly reciprocates from others back to you. 

One good deed deserves another.

Read a great book from Doce Blant Publishing

We believe that!

Happy reading ~

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