Man Makes Plans and God Laughs

~ by Marti Melville

I heard this said by well-known radio host and resonated with me. I had to think about it for a moment because it described my life!

At first, my career intention followed a course to theater, entertainment, music, and dance. That decade was amazing and filled my spirit with joy! But the lights went off and reality hit — I had to make money and support a family on my own. The stark reality of it shocked me into walking away from the stage. 

That was okay…because God was smiling.

A new door opened up into the medical field. Here, I discovered a new joy — one that comes with serving others. The adrenaline rush that still begged to be quenched lingered in the ER. For the next sixteen years, I found a place where I could work hard (HARD) to earn an income needed to feed my five kids, to serve others, and to fill my longing for a little adrenaline now-and-then — all of this while gorging on new information (aka: educating myself). It was an amazing experience that boosted my self esteem way more than dancing on a stage or singing in front of an audience had done.

Then, God allowed a shift to occur and he began to snicker.

Suddenly, I was pulled away from the ER and into an 18th-century story. Peels of laughter sounded from the heavens as I discovered an unending need to write. It’s a gift from God — I have no doubt of that. The story isn’t mine, not really…it’s Kathryn’s and the pirates. They tell their adventures and I am merely the tool that scribes their story. 

Author Marti Melville writes paranormal history and children's books for Doce Blant Publishing

Today, many years later, I still write and I’m satisfied. Gone is the need to perform, to heal, to feed my adrenaline rush. In it’s place, is the joyous sound of God, laughing as I discover my passion.  The heavens are happy now…and so am I.




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